Coming Soon

Hello. I told myself that I would try to keep posts about real life, especially those apologizing for a lack of updates, to a minimum. However, I feel that since I’ve been gone without a trace for the past two weeks or so, people who are interested in The Doctor Who Journey deserve an explanation, and at least something to read!

If you haven’t read my info page yet, I’m in college. For the past two weeks I’ve had more work than usual to do, and on top of that there was a lot of drama over where I’m going to live next year. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m going to have one of the largest doubles in the building. Whee.

During that stressful time, I had forgotten that writing is actually pretty therapeutic, especially writing about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: Doctor Who! But never fear, a new post will appear before the weekend. That’s right, before the weekend. Please feel free to remind me if it hasn’t happened. But now I’ve set a deadline! It’s sure to get done!

Thanks for your patience!



One response to “Coming Soon

  1. Well I stink because I didn’t get it out on time even with the deadline. I was asleep. And this weekend I’m going camping, so…
    Aargh alright, seriously this is going to happen. Soon.

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