Series 1

I’m very sorry about my forgetfulness pertaining to the early serials! I watched them months ago, and since their plots weren’t very coherent to begin with, it’s difficult to remember even important details!

Even though these early posts aren’t up to par quality-wise, I feel like I need to write them in order to have a full list of Doctor Who serials on this site. I’ll probably even go back and rewrite them someday, after watching the first serial again! But that’s in the far future.

For now, stay with me, even though there’s nobody reading the blog as it’s being updated this early in its lifetime. I’m trying to churn out the posts on the episodes I don’t remember so that once I catch up to where I am in my own Doctor Who Journey, I might have an audience. Doubt it, though!

Also, once I catch up to myself, posts will be written about each individual episode, and not entire serials. Also, I will be taking my own screengrabs of the footage instead of borrowing from others like I am now. Hopefully nobody cares, and if they do, they are free to tell me and I will take the photos down.

Remember, Marco Polo’s next!


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